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From inch to action

Time for yet another badly translated Finnish adage! "Tuumasta toimeen" means roughly "from idea to action". In Finnish tuuma can mean both inch and an idea / thought and this adage is sometimes humourously used to purposefully misinterpret the meaning.

Anyway, yesterday I was talking how I have become rather passive during the past two years when it comes to moving. Even though I have been doing at least a little exercising every day and lately returned back to going to gym as well, overall my activity has been way too low. So not to just leave it to a level of talk, today I dug up my Vibrams and headed out for a walk.

Even as it was a.nice and sunny weather I wouldn't say it was like a "breath of fresh air". Due to all the forest trails still being mostly frozen or muddy I had to stay on the streets. The dust cars passing by were raising made me hope I would habe brought a mask with me. Another issue walking on those paved sidewalks is the hard surface which isn't exactly the perfect for barefoot walking. Even less so for running, which I occasionally felt the urge to do. It's not impossible on that surface either, just needs some time for the feet to get used to it. And after such a long pause I'm sure even a short sprint could have resulted in an injury which would have ended this newfound inspiration for being active short.