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Fitness boost

After a rather passive year I wasn't really in shape. Luckily not in a bad shape either. While I was regularly taking care of my core strength and mobility I didn't do much of anything for longer than 15 minutes. And even that wasn't anything that would have gotten my heartbeat up.


Couple of weeks ago I decided to change the thing. I started to go out for a walk. The first one, while not exactly exhausting did show how bad my stamina was. At my best a 10 km run barely got my daily activity to 100%. In highest fitness mode! That first walk, 5 km at moderate pace, got me up to a whopping 180% of activity (sure on the lowest fitness level). Quite the difference in effort.

Today, after about half a dozen walks, I did a bit over 6 kilometers, with a slightly more rapid pace. At the end the watch was "only" at 140% of activity. Nice improvement in such a short time!

There is still a long way to those old days. And I'm not sure I need to get there either. But this is still just a start. There is a long way to go and the progress will be rapid still for a good while. But I know the plateau is inevitable ahead, the point where I really need to start start putting effort moving forward. Or I can just keep it up and stay there. Just need this initial boost of progress to last long enough to form a habit again.