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Here be dragons

There is just something fascinating about maps. I've always loved them. I remember spending hours in front of an atlas as a child doing discoveries around the world. Just the names of all those exotic places exhilarated my imagination. Even without the lack of those unexplored places to draw dragons on.

Of course I highly enjoy old maps as well. Must due to exactly those mysterious areas where nobody at the time knew what lies there. Could have as well been dragons. The dragons and other mysterious beings were only s part of the art of those maps. And fantasy maps of imaginary places is a chapter on their own.

But it doesn't have to be a map of far away places or places of imagination for me either. I have always enjoyed the maps of places I know too. They open a different view on those places. An opportunity to explore places beyond the edges of my own little world. To expand to the areas of the dragons as they are both outside my own personal circle of known world.