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Time flies when shooting arrows

I finally got started with my latest hobby when my bow arrived today. I've been meaning to start archery for a long time, but never got myself investing enough in it to get all the proper equipments. Now, after a nice bonus from work and not having any other extra expenses insight I decided to bite the bullet arrow and get myself a nice bow.

I had waited long enough so as soon as I got the bow (and was finished with days work) we headed to the range with my youngest child. They got their own bow already last year and was already actively shooting last summer. I'm glad we can now finally do it together.

After just this one time I know it was a right choice. The shooting is fun. You get ahold of it as soon as you get the bow into your hand. There is no learning curve to get started. Just point and shoot. Just don't try to hit target from too far at the beginning.

We shot maybe a hundred arrows each. Most of them even hitting the target! While it isn't exactly an exhausting exercises I still feel the strain of drawing the bow in my muscles. It's different enough motion to activate yet another group of muscles. After a hundred arrows it was also apparent that those finger guards the seller recommended would have been a good idea. The fingertips on my draw hand are quite sore at the moment.