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Smart headphones

My trusty old AKG N60 headphones finally came to the end of their life. I was happy with the sound quality and the noise cancelling capabilities of them. The only negative I had with them was the on the ear structure that gor tiresome for the ears over longer period of time. They were also wired, so since my latest phone I had to resort to an adapter to being able to attach them.

Luckily one of the perks at work is getting a pair of quality headphones (at reasonable interval). I didn't have to look for a long time for a new pair. I've already had my eyes on the Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones. Especially after my son got a pair and I had some trusty experience as well as personal testing of those.

Of course that model is already quite old and their successor has also been on the market for a while, hogging all the awards being the best wireless noise cancelling headphones. So the selection only came down to selecting the colour of my pair. Black would have been a safe yet boring option so I instead opted for the silver. They look ok although at some light the colour looks more like the boring old computer-beige.

After two days of use I'm really happy if my choice. Even the colour, you get used to it. The sound quality is great and the noise cancelling works at least as well as in my old AKGs. The big bonus compared to the old ones is the wear comfort and wireless connection. I really haven't had any problems with them yet.

The headphones also have a plethora of intelligent features like disabling the noise cancelling when you start to speak. No need to take them off while having conversations. Alternatively you can just put your hand over the ear to disable the noise cancelling. There is a lot more that I haven't yet become familiar with all. Plenty to learn to become a poweruser. But the out of the box experience has already been fantastic. I would highly recommend these for anyone looking for a quality headphones. Although they don't come cheap. I don't think I would have ever bought myself headphones this expensive if I had to pay them myself.