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To move or not to move?

Sparked by the resent pondering of our extra room after the kids move out we had a look on the available apartments in the area. At least currently there isn't anything that stood out for a satisfying candidate for our new home. Except when extending the price range to the maximum we could realistically pay.

I don't want such a lavish penthouse. There is difference in what we could get and what we can afford. And having such an obvious "rich people" home would require a bit more than some IKEA furniture. I would rather look at the lower end. What is the least we could live with comfortable.

Buying a home, especially an older apartment have it's risks. At least we know the bad things in our current one. So many things could come as surprise after a few years. So we'll probably stay here, at our current home. At least we are not going to be actively looking for a new place. Of course if a right offer happens to come along we can always have another look. The problem in that case is just that if there happens to be a perfect home available we would be in a hurry to get the current one sold.