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"See you soon"

Warning: contains spoilers for the Disney+ Marvel series Loki. If you haven't watched the whole first season and indent to do so you might want to skip this post until you have done so.

The Loki season finale aired today and obviously we had to watch it as soon as possible. Sure it also means it's over sooner and there is no more new episodes to watch until next month when the next Marvel series What if... starts streaming.

The premise of the series was quite interesting: Loki, one of the favourite characters from the MCU and time travel. What would be more intriguing combination? Unfortunately that's where the series falls short. I really hoped there would be some mind boggling time travel shenanigans going on through the series. Unfortunately, and I think this is the curse of getting into the mainstream, there weren't any. Most of the time travel was rather linear without any real challenge to figure out what's going on.

Even the grande finale, the revelation of the mastermind behind the TWA and the main villain for the next several years in the MCU felt a bit underwhelming. In the end it was all more about the implications of the time travel than the travel itself opening the madness of the multiverses.

Sure, it opens a whole lot of new opportunities for the story writers. It also gives the writers a new deus ex machina to play with when they can easily explain any inconsistencies in the story by pointing out to an alternative universe.

There is a lot to look forward both in the upcoming MCU movies as well as the upcoming series, not the least for the season 2 of Loki itself. I'm also thrilled to see where Jonathan Majors will take the opportunity to play multiple versions of the conquer, he who remains and all the other versions of Kang.