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Long week

This week has felt really long. It's hard to keep track of time on vacation when there isn't that regular daily rhythm to keep up the pace. On the other had I already feel like there is only two weeks left from my vacation.

Even though I promised to myself I can have this vacation, not only from work, but from my own inner obligations I have been doing quite a lot. Searching for a nee car and home do take time. With all the calculations and planning, background studies and everything it's a lot of work. I've also been doing random tasks around the house and not just been watching movies. Which, I do have done a lot during the past week, more so than in a long time.

Couple of days also went while my sister in law and her son, our godson were staying over. It was a nice change and maybe the fastest part of the week (unfortunately).

Next week will be busy, and fast as well I assume. There is a lot more happening during the upcoming week, and in the beginning of the one following it as well. Maybe it's better just go with the flow of time and enjoy instead of worrying it taking too long or passing too quickly.