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Getting closer

After three apartment viewings I think we have pretty good idea what is available in our preferred size- and price range. The quality does seem to vary a lot and the condition and location does affect the offerings.

From the three apartments the one we saw today is definitely the best with it's spaces and it also had a look we liked. It was also in relatively good condition considering it was also rather spacious. Judging only from the interior this could have been our new home, despite the small imperfections here and there. But the location is a bit off and it wasn't that nice place from the outside either. If we would be in a hurry I think we could pick this one. We could live there. But we are not, and there are things we are not happy with it. So I think this one too will be a pass.

There is however a new apartment that became available just today. From the first look it seems a lot better fit for us. Without seeing it there is only one downside to it: it's a bit further away from the city center than we were looking for. It's also a bit smaller than we would have hoped for. But if the place lives up with the expectations set by the images and information we have seen this could be a real deal. Luckily we are able to see the place live already tomorrow!