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Electric month

It's been one month since we switched to a fully electric transportation. The car has been a joy to drive. There is nearly 2000 kilometers accumulated to the odometer already during the past month.

Like I already listed almost a month ago in the overview of the new model there aren't that many big differences to the old one besides the drivetrain. Most of the changes are improvements, but there are a few things that I have found annoyances during the past month. Nothing I couldn't live without, but it's just a shame they have been "upgraded" in this new model to a less functional form (at least for my taste). The biggest issue for me is the touch buttons. Luckily Hyundai hasn't gone as far as Tesla and replaced all buttons with the touchscreen. But still, many often used buttons are no longer physical buttons with proper tactile feedback. Now you can only guess you hit the correct button (without looking). Really distracting when you have to actually look and pay attention to adjust the air conditioning for example.

The range anxiety is also still there. Even though it has eased up a bit it's still affecting the way to think about moving around. It's not so much about the range itself. I'm certain even if the car would have double the range I would still be neurotic keeping the battery properly charged and making sure there are charging stations close enough along the way if there would be a sudden surge of electricity for some reason. Or if the charging station doesn't happen to have any free/working slots available.