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If it ain't broken

A little less than a year ago I started working on a little hobby project that quickly turned out as a Writestreak. A simple site to write daily. After the short MVP phase I released the site and kept working on it.

The first version was put together really fast. Some of the things were quite hacky and I didn't like all the initial choices I had made. For a few months I continued working on the project. Rewriting it and adding new features. I had a long list of features I was planning to add to the site.

But then I made a decision: I didn't want this site to become complex service that tries to cater everyone. Instead I took a couple od steps back and not only abandoned most of those plans but also started remove already implemented features.

After a while I was happy with the simplicity of the site. There wasn't really anything to take away anymore while still retaining the basic function of it.

It has now been roughly half a year since I have last time touched the codebase. The site has been working as intended and there hasn't been any issues as far as I know. Occasionally I come to think of getting back to developing the site. I'm sure I could find a lot to do. But on the other hand, if it's working well starting to do changes now might be more harmful than what there would be to gain.