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Carefree or minimal expenses

When living in an apartment it usually comes with a maintenance charge. In bigger housing companies it means a dedicated maintenance contractor takes care of basically everything and the residents can enjoy a carefree living. For example in our current apartment we are only required to take care of our own small yard. This of course comes with a price.

On the other hand the apartment we are currently evaluating is in a small company (it actually only has two apartment) and the monthly maintenance fee is really small. Of course that means we would start taking care of more than just the yard. Some of the things are quite trivial and probably not worth the cost. Some need to be done only once or twice per year. Sure it's always possible just to hire somebody if/when you don't feel like doing those tasks anymore.

Even though the candidate apartment has extremely low monthly costs it comes with the prise of our own time. That's a trade-off that is easy to overlook, but should definitely be taken into account when considering the pros and cons of the new apartment.