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Escape in the rain

Today we visited one of the world heritage sites here in Finland: Suomenlinna (the castle of Finland. It's an 18th century fort in front of Helsinki.

It has long time been on the list of places to visit. Despite it being only about 50 kilometers away from where we live (plus a short trip on a ferry) for a reason or another we just haven't gotten around getting there earlier.

Looking at the weather today it seems like an odd day to visit such an outdoor attraction. It was raining most of the day. Luckily it got down to a small drizzle when we got to the island.

The reason we were there today was an escape game. There is a yearly walking festival in Helsinki every year and as a part of it there has been an outdoor escape game somewhere around the city for several years row. This was our second year taking part in it as the experience from last year was nice. It was also a good reason to finally visit those fortified islands.