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Epic boss fight

We had a sort of conclusion to our long running D&D campaign tonight, or at least some sort of turning point. The final boss fight was quite dramatic with a lot of challenges, but eventually we were able to defeat the enemy and it's hordes of undead soldiers.

Due to the long fight, and the fact that we had to play outside our regular game night as not everybody could have participated then the game lasted quite late as we also had ro start later. Almost too late to write anymore and one of our players actually had to leave just before the grand finale due having an early morning tomorrow. But after several weeks of buildup nobody wanted to postpone this session until next week.

There is still a lot to unravel in this story arc, but we also got some clues of something even more sinister playing in the background. The story will definitely continue and we are about to face some really big decisions that could seal the fate of the whole world.