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Yet another apartment

We saw yet another apartment today. Even on paper it didn't sound too promising and seeing it live just confirmed the impression.

It was basically too big while at the same time being too small. On paper it had a lot more square meters than our current too contender, more than our current too. But it didn't feel that big. The bedrooms were small, only the master bedroom was slightly bigger but still smaller than our current one. There wasn't big spaces, no open floor plan.

The yard on the other hand was actually big. Which in our case isn't s good thing either. Especially as this one didn't even own the land, it was rental land from the city. So yet another additional expence.

The location wasn't optimal either. Sure it was closer to the city center and especially the train station. But it was right next to the railway! We currently live about a kilometer from the railway and we've heard enough trains for life.

Finally the interior was dated. The house was built in -98 and most of the interior was still in it's original shape. It would have required pretty complete makeover.

Maybe this place wouldn't have been that bad, but I was constantly comparing it to the other apartment. And honestly, I couldn't find barely any things that would have been better on this one. That's probably a pretty good sign that the other apartment should be a pretty good option.