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It seems my fears were true. The apartment we went to see today was really nice. It has been recently renovated with good taste and quality materials. But no matter what, I kept comparing it to the other apartment again.

This one was smaller, it had one less rooms. The location was fine, about the same distance from the city center but different direction. There wasn't really anything that would have been clearly better than in my current favourite option. And even those few things were ones that can be fixed there with a little bit of effort. So the biggest pro on this one was the fact that we wouldn't have to do practically anything in there (besides changing the wallpaper on couple of walls). Even the price wasn't that big of a difference. Of course the renovation costs will increase the total price of the other even further.

Sure having everything ready doesn't mean they are perfect. There are many things that don't meet my ideal solution and can only be achieved by designing everything by myself. I also want to have something me in my home, something more than just a couple of painted walls.

Maybe I've just spent too much time in my plans and I'm already a victim of the sunk cost fallacy. It would bee too much to give up on those plans and dreams and start over again.