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I see things

I believe I'm pretty good at visualizing things in my mind. It's easy for me to imagine how things would look like or how they fit together. It's also easy for me to recall things that I have seen.

This visual thinking also expand to more abstract things that traditionally don't even have any shape. I just put them into a map and can easily navigate them or point out the things I need.

This kind of thinking undoubtedly helps me figure out things and come up solutions efficiently. But it alone isn't enough. And that's where I fall short.

First of all, I'm not good at turning those visions into words. It's hard to explain them to others when I can see them clearly but can't explain what I'm seeing. With the more abstract concepts those explanations wouldn't probably even make sense to others even if I could describe them.

I'm also not good at visual representation. I can't draw so even if I would put my visions into pictures nobody would recognize what are those doodles supposed to represent.