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Another masterpiece

Along Dune another masterpiece of literature is currently airing a live adaptation as a series. Isaac Asimov's the Foundation has been produced by Apple and is available exclusively on their streaming service. While the Foundation series is definitely in the top 5 in my all time sci-fi book series I don't even want to see this new adaptation.

The books aren't the easiest to adapt into a TV or movie, but what I have heard the Apple adaptation doesn't even attempt to do it. The book is there just to give this random sci-fi show some credit. It hasn't been made out of passion and respect towards the books, but just something to attract fans to their walled garden. It's a good thing it isn't any good so I don't have to give in.

Too bad as if the series would have been good and loyal to the source material this could have been one of the greatest years for the scifi book adaptations ever. There is only two other space operas of this level remaining I would like to see adapted as much as these two: Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons and Revelation Space by Alistair Reynolds.