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House for sale!

Well, not the whole house, just the apartment we live in...

We did it! We put our home up for sale. It feels like a really big step. Even though this is already the second time we are putting our home for sale it's something different. Last time we did it out of necessity as we had to move after my job to another city. This time we are making the decision without such incentives.

It feels like everything is happening so fast. It was only a couple of months ago when we first even started thinking of moving and now we already have a new home in sight. It's just a matter of few practicalities left. Of course the biggest one is finding a buyer for our current apartment, which hopefully doesn't take as long as the two years it took the last time. Luckily the demand is much higher in this area and the optimistic sell time is just a matter of weeks, months at worst. I almost fear more of that we sell it too fast and the new owner wants to move in already before we have the keys to our new home.