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A regular morning

It's been a while since I've last time sat on a train in the morning heading to the office. Like I wrote yesterday I need to be present there today and as my wife started a new job where she needs the car I'm back at train commute.

While I was fine driving to the office, especially now that there weren't that much traffic, I think I still prefer sitting on the train. I can already start working (or writing) and save some time off of the day that way. The traffic through the city, even with these quieter times, is still something that demands a lot of attention.

It's also good for the health (now that the COVID situation should be better again). But it seems the railway company is still stuck on the assumption of lower passanger numbers as the train I'm sitting now is already almost full and there are still plenty of stations before our destination to pick more passangers. At least most of the people are still wearing masks.