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Playing live

Our DnD playgroup got together today after quite a long time. It was nice seeing these people I play with almost weekly in person after so long time. It's just not the same over a video call.

Since our last live game we have also gained one new member to our party. While she has been playing with us already quite a while this was first time any of us has met her in the real world.

While the conversation and such were much more fluent around the same table, playing over the internet has spoiled us. Using all the tools like virtual tabletops and electronic character sheets is just so much more effortless than having everything on paper and needing to calculate all the scores in your head. Rolling the actual dice is still fun though.

Of course many of the digital tools can be brought to the table as well. Having you character sheet on you phone works just fine, and with tablet even better. You could even use those tools to roll your dice and have them sum up all the bonuses if you like (I don't).