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Small annoyance

It's been almost three months since we updated our car. I wrote about all the small differences earlier and so far I've already used to all of them. Except one! I still have yo make a conscious effort to use the media buttons on the wheel. The fact that the next/previous switch functions opposite from the previous model is driving me crazy.

The old setup was just natural: up for next and down for previous track. It just worked intuitively, there was no "getting used" to it. I have no idea why such a seemingly small change was made. Probably it wasn't "designed" this way. It was just another software spec that wasn't described well enough.

Most of the things become natural and automatic over time when you repeat them over and over again. I'm sure I too will eventually get over the natural instinct and get used to flick the switch down when I want to skip a song. Probably somewhere around the time it's again time to het a new car (which hopefully will have this the right way. I don't even care if I need to relearn it again in that case!).