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Public holidays

Next year is the worst possible year for us Finns in accordance to public holidays. Out of the possible maximum of 10 public holidays falling on a week day we will only get 7 in year 2022. Luckily after thar it goes back to 9 in 2023 and we hit a streak of jackpots on the following two years.

We have total of 14 public holidays in Finland. Three of those are always on weekends and four always on a weekday. The remaining six are based on a fixed date so they can fall on any day of the week.

Of course those six can't all be during the weekend on any given year. Nor can they all be on a weekdays either. For example new years day and epiphany are always 5 days apart so they can't both be during the weekend. Christmas also has three consecutive days so at least one needs to be on a weekday.

Three days difference in minimum and maximum days doesn't seem that much, but after all it's 30% difference. That's almost one third! But it's not the amount. It's more like how they are spread across the year.