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Satire too real

Don't look up is the latest Netflix original movie to take a critical look on the current matters. With a cast of well known stars it tries to take a stab on many things that are wrong currently on the world, especially the major ignorance and lack of serious reaction to concrete thread of mass extinction.

While the thread is made up (even if it could also be real) the reaction of the governments, general public, media and capitalistic powerhouses feel way too real. It's hard to laugh on this satire when the exactly same thing is happening in real world.

Only thing missing is the overly zealous preachers trying to benefit from the catastrophe. Instead the religion id once again put on the pedestal when the "not much of a religious" family at the brink of destruction joins hands in a prayer.

In the movie even the most devoted deniers finally understand they have been lied to when they can see the looming comet in the sky heading towards them. Unfortunately it isn't that easy to see for example the creeping destruction the climate change is bringing in the real world.