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Dumb home

Automation is great. I've done a lot of it during my career. At my work it's almost essential to automate as much as possible. It's not just not having to repeat the boring tasks or even the efficiency. The most important reason is the repeatability.

At work those tasks are almost always the same. There are bo situations when you need to do some small part of it differently. So 4he automation doesn't really need much of any "smart" logic.

In real world the situations aren't that often those predefined processes. There is always some conditions that need to be taken into account. This makes perfect automation really complex hence also more prone to logical failures and other bugs.

Having s manual override can also be problematic for the automation. At minimum it requires keeping the state of the system monitored and stored somewhere. Any manual overrides can also mean a new unpredefined state that need ro be resolved.

While thinking of all the systems I want to our nee home I'm more and more becoming to think in want to keep the "smarts" at minimum. I still want many things to be automated, but with the most simple way possible and on an atomic way so none of the systems are dependent on each other.