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So long, shoes

One of the benefits of having plenty of time to move to the new home is going through all the stuff and weed out the unnecessary. Especially in our current situation where in the new apartment there will be slightly less storage space.

Today we went through some outdoor attire. Seems we are quite terrible at throwing away any worn out or broken stuff, so there were plenty of it. Especially the shoes.

There were at least a dozen pair of shoes that were no longer suitable to wear. A half a dozen pairs of unfitting ones. The same amount of those not fit anymore for some other reasons. Even a few pairs hardly ever worn.

There were also several pairs belonging to our kids. We won't be bringing those over. Either they need to come and get them, or we'll just throw them away too.

In the end I thing we ended up with around one third of the original amount of shoes that are still usable and worth keeping. There were also some pairs that had been forgotten that will now be put back into use.

I wish we could get rid of the other stuff at the same ratio too...