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Kamado, what's the deal

Kamado is a traditional Japanese wood or charcoal powered cooking stove. But it's roots go even further in history as it was invented in China and landed into Japan through Korea.

Modern Kamado stoves are quite a bit different from the original ones. They represent maybe better the movable version of the stove called mushikamado. These stoves were often made of ceramics and that's what has been established as a definitive feature of the modern Kamado grills.

The Kamado grill can be used for many other forms of preparing food than just the traditional grilling. The heavy ceramics is excellent and storing and retaining heat so the grill is also perfect for slow & low cooking. They van also be used for curing and at the other end of the temperature range they function as a pizza oven.

The good thermal capacity and insulation also make them an efficient on the fuel side as well. A handful of coals can take care of normal quick roasting and a full basket can keep the thing heated overnight.

Even though they offer wide variety of usage options they should be relatively easy to use. The most important thing is getting used to control the airflow through the grill to control the temperature.

I've already collected about half a dozen recipes I want to try out. And I'm sure the hunger just keeps growing from there.