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Work out to workout

It's already been a while since I ordered, and received our new gym equipments. The boxes have been laying around (in front of other things) for past weeks as I didn't have place to put those equipments ready.

On retrospective it would have been wiser to first do the renovations in the garage and only after they were close to finished then order the equipments. But I couldn't start the renovations earlier as there was other stuff in the garage I had to find temporary storage or get rid of. The door installation also limited the schedule as I didn't want the new paint to get immediately ruined by the installation crew. I could have passed the good deal and make the order later. But getting similar deal could have taken a lot of time and paying regular prices didn't sound tempting.

Yesterday I finished the final (blocking) tasks so today I was able to start assembling 4he equipments. The biggest thing is the leverage gym machine. Putting it together was like assembling heavy duty version of an IKEA furniture. Steel and bolts instead of chipboard and screws.

Just putting the thing together felt like a workout. If the actual exercising with it is as efficient I'm definitely happy with the purchase.