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Management retreat

Over the next two days we are gathering together with our new management team for two days into a remote location. This is the first rime we were supposed to be physically together with the whole team. Unfortunately one of us had some COVID symptoms so they won't be able to join us. It's still nice to spend some time together ro build up the team spirit and think about short and long term strategy.

Even though I have felt that our cooperation has been working quite well over remote connections it's still nice to have these kind of get-togethers. While we have worked together already for a long time in different roles the new managerial relationship is still something different. There also hasn't been too many opportunities to spend some casual time together and get to know ourselves better.

Isolating us for the extended period of time also give us an unique opportunity to dig deeper in the strategic work that is normally limited to time bound remote meetings. It feels like we are always running out of time on those meetings or there is no chance to reflect on the topics we have been discussing.