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A different time travel story

The latest time travel story I read was the book This is how you lose the time war by Max Gladstone and Amal El-Mohtar. It's a story about two time travelling soldiers of different factions who find interest in each other throughout the ages. The story is mostly written in letters between these two characters which in itself is quite seldom seen way to tell a story.

But the style of storytelling isn't what makes this time travel story different from almost any other story I have read in this genre. The distinctive thing of the book is that it doesn't actually explain in any way the mechanism of the time travel.

Usually these stories are built around novel ideas of how time travel could work, or at least what kind of problems and paradoxes such technology could create. This story, however doesn't bother itself with any of such. Instead it focuses on just being a love story that just happens to unfold throughout the ages in non-chronological order.