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Losing track

Now that I have (finally) become more active again I notice myself missing all the tracking I did before. I know I'm doing things, but I don't have clear picture how much. I also still notice the progress, but soon the change will slow down and it's harder to see it.

It's easy to lose motivation when things feel stagnant. Another benefit of tracking my activity is getting back into streaks. It's harder to skip s day when you're on a streak

On the other hand I don't miss the pressure and extra effort that comes with keeping track of all the things. This time I don't have any strict goals so I can progress on my own pace. I just need to make sure there is progress, or at least there won't be any decline. After hitting certain level it will become completely acceptable for me to just retain that level.

Maybe I just need to trust the habit. After all I have now made it super easy to do some training without even leaving the house. The presence of the training equipment should be enough reminder to keep working out.