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Talking heads

Yesterday was 4th of May, the "official" Star Wars day (you know, May the fourth ..). A perfect day to see a Marvel movie.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness premiered today and of course we were there to see the first possible viewing. We once again went for the IMAX as I was suspecting this could be rather visually stunning movie. I was not wrong. But what I didn't expect was that it was in 3D. My 3D experiences hasn't been too good and I've been happy that it has been basically disappeared from the theaters. That's why I didn't even pay attention whether this was a 3D show or not.

The 3D in IMAX is definitely a completely different experience (that or the technology has gotten better since I have seen a 3D movie last time). The experience would have been near perfect if it wouldn't have been this one small (or big in this case) thing: couple of meters high faces right in front of you.

Somehow that felt the most unbelievable thing in this movie featuring extradimensional tentacle monsters, magic and jumping between different universes just to name a few. Watching those huge heads talking there felt wrong. It was even worse due to the 3D effect making them popping off the screen and floating there few centimeters in front of your face.

And there were quite many such scenes in this movie!