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Joy of missing out

As a manager I have had to give up on a lot of hands on work. Sometimes it's still hard to pass those tasks and delegate them to others. It's not that I wouldn't trust "my people", it's just back in the old days I found joy doing those things.

Part of being a leader is giving others the opportunity to do those interesting tasks. Sometimes you have to take it even so far as of taking care of the boring tasks by yourself to give others the chance to work on something more interesting.

Sometimes it's also a relief. When I see an issue raising or even an alert going of my first instinct still is to act on those. But then I take step back and wait. Usually I doesn't have to wait for long for somebody else stepping in and start working on the incident. My job is to ensure they have everything they need to resolve the situation. And most importantly: give credit for the job well done.