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Discussions over news

I don't really read any news, any kind. I do follow things through various discussion platforms where those news get discussed more widely.

This has many benefits. There is usually somebody summarizing and explaining the article saving me some time understanding what's it all about. There might also be additional information about the background of the matter at hand. It's also possible to get alternative, even opposing views through the discussion. People rarely agree completely on anything.

Of course it's not all perfect this way either. The places where I follow these discussions are chosen by me. I have specially chosen them so that they cater to my interests. So there is a lot going on I'm completely oblivious about. Only the most dire news of some other global/general topics usually break the barrier for getting posted and discussed within my bubble.

The opinions too, no matter how opposing they might be are also from a small demographic of people. I have no delusions of getting the full spectrum of people participating in those discussions. There will always be alternate points of views missing.

It's easy to see how this kind of isolation and filtering of information can lead to some extremes. If the discussion and the filtered news carry a strong bias towards something it's almost impossible to see the other side.

I truly hope my bubble is a healthy one, but maybe I could try to expand it further to ensure I really have wide enough exposure to know the true nature of all the things.