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My God, it's full of stars!

Seeing the latest test images from he James Webb space telescope immediately brought this quote from 2001: a Space Odyssey to my mind. The pictures, when compared to ones from older generation telescopes reveal stars after stars where in those old images there was just darkness.

The telescope has now finished the calibration of it's main mirror. The job is still not complete. Next phase is two months of calibrating the scientific equipment onboard. Until then we just need to enjoy these "boring" test images with scenes from random spots in space.

The pictures have also confirmed that the telescope is actually exceeding all the explanations from the engineering team. The resolution reaches the diffraction limit meaning given the size of the mirror and the camera sensors it would be physically impossible to get any better results.

It shouldn't come as a surprise as this is probably one of the most over engineered piece of equipment ever creates by the humankind. There is no room for errors when there is no way to fix such errors after launch. Making everything to prevent any mishaps in this scale of project and still setting expectations low enough to leave some room for error is just good expectation management.