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Pay to win, free to enjoy

It's apparent that the latest Diablo game, like many other modern multiplayer online games require substantial monetary investment if you want to "win" it. But I'm not sure yet what that would mean in this game? So far I have been doing just fine without paying a cent.

Of course there is a lot of resources that you can only get by paying (or going through a painstaking daily grind). But it seems the fame is quite generous with the resources also for the free players. There isn't much of anything besides some cosmetics that you couldn't get for free. You just either need to be extremely lucky or spend a lot of time.

Acquiring all those top notch equipment however isn't necessary to do well in the game. There hasn't been anything that would have even slowed down the solo campaign progression without paying. I know there are other more greedy games where the progression for free players is almost impossible. Got to appriciate studios that are willing to invest this much also on the free players' experience.

So far I have enjoyed the game so much I almost feel obligated to pay something for it. Might as well support the good job while getting something nice for my self character.