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Yesterday someone posted a help request to Twitter. While doing dishes they managed to get two different sized bowls stuck together. After two days and various attempts to separate the bowls they finally turned to internet community for help.

The little help request has since received quite the followings. There has been over 12 000 replies, 10 000 retweets and 70 000 likes for that post in the past 24 hours. Despite all the suggestions and tips the bowls still remain stuck. I, like many others will closely follow the unfurling of the situation and hope for the best for the bowls.

This seemingly meaningless post isn't much of a news, but the internet is a strange place. Something obscure like this can become a worldwide sensation overnight. I'm sure there will soon be memorabilia on sale for this remarkable event of 2022.

In the light of the recent events it's no wonder something light-hearted like this can become a phenomenon. After all we have gone through in the past few years we need some down to earth news for a change.