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Two thousand days

Here it is, my 2000th post. I don't thing I would have remembered it unless I wouldn't have set up a reminder for myself some time ago.

While the number is big and sure it feels great again to reach such an accomplished I don't really know what to write about it anymore. Feels like there has been so many of these there is no point in writing about it.

But it's important to celebrate. Even though I don't do this to reach any goals it's always a nice reminder of how far I have gotten. Especially when getting this far and those special moments are becoming more and more rare. It's already mostly the yearly anniversary and occasionally another random waypoint per year.

The years has already become the default period of counting the streak. The big things are now (half)decades and thousands. And for those this is quite sad point as I've now just recently passed both of them and the next one is almost three years away. But even then, it's only a half of the time I have written so far. I'm sure it will come sooner than I expected.