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Timing on the market

About a year ago I started looking for replacing our car with fully electric one. Gas was still reasonably priced back then, but had been raising steadily. But the electricity was dirt cheap as well (comparing to todays prices). The decision wasn't made on saving money, it was mostly ecological one.


Few months later we also started looking for a new apartment. That decision was mostly economical. While the electricity was cheap, it was still quite expensive to use it alone for hearing. The maintenance costs on our old apartment were also relatively high.


We had no idea what had coming. But looking back we were lucky to make those choices. We are in much better position now for the current situation. We'll be fine even if it gets even worse. Sure, at some point we too would need to start cutting down costs if that happens. But with our current consumption that should be much further away than what it would have been if we would have not made those two big decisions.