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I don't have time for it

It always feels like things are let undone because I don't have time for them. If I just had more time I could do everything. But that's not true. I do have time and I can arrange more of it if needed. The real hold back is energy.

It's not enough to have time to do something. It doesn't help if you don't also have the energy needed to put into it. Sure, time can allow you to gain more of that needed energy, but it's not given either.

It's most apparent when doing things with others. It's completely acceptable to tell you don't have time. Everybody will understand abd there is no further explanation needed. It's much harder to tell that you are put of energy. That you need to recharge before doing anything.

The lack of energy doesn't mean the same as being tired. There is difference between those. You can for example be full of energy and want to keep going regardless of how tired you get.