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Forgetting how to breathe

Being sick sucks. There are many nasty symptoms that makes me feel like crap all the time. The worst part must be forgetting how to do elementary things like breathing.

Last evening I was settling down for sleep, clearing my mind from everything and letting the meds kick in so I at least felt bearable to be able to fall asleep. Having a stuffy nose and sinuses full of snot doesn't make it easy even if most of the pain was gone. On top of that the irritated throat didn't make it any easier to breathe through the mount either.

So there I was, laying on the bed and trying to remember how to breath. How can you forget something like that? It's so natural that you never even thunk about it. Your subconsciousness just takes care of it so you never needed to pay attention. So you actually don't know how to breathe. Don't even try.

Too slow, too fast to the point of almost hyperventilating, too big inhales and small exhales so I started to feel like a balloon. I had to use all my concentration just to get enough air. And that was my problem. I just had to let go, focus on something else so my body could take back control and keep us alive.