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New year, new start

I'm not much of a fan of making new years resolutions or starting (or stopping) things at some set points in time that have been defined just for the sake of us being aware of the passage of the time. I much rather staer those things when the time is right for them.

This year however starts a bit different. At the end of the year I got sick. The last few days have been quite awful. There wasn't much mood to celebrate the new year.

But this morning, the first of the year, I felt better. No more fewer or stuffy nose. Even the throat doesn't bother too much. I might still survive this disease.

I'm still not completely over it yet. While I was feeling better I decided to do some light chores around the house. Laying in the sofa for several days doing nothing just doesn't suit me. But it didn't take much before I was feeling completely exhausted. The sickness sure has taken it's toll and I might still need a few more days to recover my strength.