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Short week

This week was going to be short to begin with. Due to the epiphany there would have been only four working days this week. Due to the sick leave my work week diminished into a single day.

It's quite weird working for just a single day in a week. It's not like an extended weekend or even those odd weeks when there is a public holiday in the middle of the week and you take the smaller gap free as well. Not even like those same weeks when you don't and then there is three plus one days of work that week. Even the single day between the weekend and a public holiday isn't the same.

It's closer to an inverted work week. Working two days and having five days off. How nice that would be? Working just a single day per week probably wouldn't be that nice. It's hard to get anything done in a single day when you have almost a weeks worth of communications to catch up with. Hardly any time to do the actual work like that. Two days might just barely make it.