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Family game day

Boardgames has been one of the major part of our family's together activities. Now that both of our kids have moved out the opportunities to play together with the whole family has diminished. It's mostly limited to those few holidays when we get together anyway and have a chance to play a few games along.

With friends, even some that have become friends solely because of boardgames, we often arrange special get togethers just for the sake of playing games. So why not do the same with the family?

Well, today we are actually doing just that! Kids are coming over and the plan is to spend the day playing. The main attraction this time is the game we got for Christmas. We played several rounds of it already during holidays, but didn't get enough of it yet. We liked it so much that we also decided to get an expansion for it, so there is also something new to it today.

I'm really looking forward to this day. I also hope that this would become a more regular happening for us as well.