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100 Euros for a 5 minute job

I was booking a yearly service for our car today and was about to include changing window wipers at the same go. At 129€ the price for just changing the wipers however seemed quite high. The wipers themselves surely do not cost much so I was wondering how hard could it be. I've done it many times in the past for my old cars, so unless there is some latest tech in those wipers it shouldn't be a problem.

So later today, while I was at the grocery store I decided to check if they had wipers in their selves. They did, even the brand name ones so I got a pair of those for 30€.

As it's quite cold outside I also decided to change the wipers right there in the parking hall to not freeze my fingers doing so. Took me 5 minutes to change them both, from which I think first three went figuring out the unlock mechanism of the old ones. It took me longer to Google the correct size of the blades and thwn fins the ones from the shelf than actually replace them. And they would have charged 99€ for that 5 minute job at the car service!