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Information processing

I'm still following way too many sources of information. That combined with my ad hoc interest in different things keep adding to my ever growing list of things to read.

The list just keeps growing even if I try to regularly keep going through it. The issue isn't just the amount of time needed for the reading part. It would be pointless to just read all that material and assume I would then remember the information contained in it. There need to ne some processing happening as well to make that information useful.

Taking notes, making highlights and writing summaries are good ways of distilling the information into more compact form. But that's just creating an another layer of information that still need to be kept somewhere.

One of the things I hope the emerging AI based technologies would do is take care of the second part of the information retrieval process: summarising the information from all those articles and other sources I have found and deemed being of interest. Then I could just go through the summaries and save a lot of time. But then again would I know as much? After all the summaries are just reminders for myself for the actual wider information contained in the original materials.