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Flightless fruit

Kiwifruit, or just kiwi for short is a delicious fruit. While the name suggest New Zealandish origins (due to the bird) the fruit actually originates from China. It was also originally called Chinese gooseberry due to where it came from and it's similarity with the gooseberries.

The commercial production of these fruits however started in New Zealand and it's still the second biggest producers of the kiwifruit worldwide (only second ro China). There, the locals renamed the fruit due to it's resemblance to the native kiwi bird.

When the kiwi was first brought to the west it usually was of the "green" variety. Nowadays there are several other varieties also offered in here, some even products of selective breeding to bring the more desired flavours more up. There are for example the yellow and red cultivars which the latter is the sweetest one and the former setting somewhere in between the "original" green and the red one.

There are also kiwi berries that most closely resemble the gooseberries they were originally named after even if they are not closely related. While most of the different kind of kiwifruits sre edible with their skins they do have that not so pleasant hairy texture. The berry one is an exception to that as they have a much smoother skin and can be easily consumed just like the more common berries.