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One dongle to rule them all

My home automation project has been slowly moving forward during the past year. Until now I have just been implementing individual systems that work on their own.

Thus week I finally ordered a proper Zigbee gateway that allows me to connect some of those systems together so it would be then possible to control all those things in one centralized place. Of course not every system will be connected to that as I have designed them to be self contained systems that don't need more sophisticated automation. They work just fine with the dummy logic and direct connections.

Even the systems that are/will be connected will only be connected locally. There are already a few systems that I could have given more "smarts" by allowing them to connect to the internet. But I won't allow that.

Only the kitchen lights are temporarily connected to the internet due their proprietary control protocol. Even they are only allowed through isolated dmz network that is separated from our normal internet connection. When I get the local home assistant up and running I intend to reverse engineer the control protocol to the lights so I can hook them too to the system. If that's not possible then I just need to replace the controllers.