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Battling climate change by private flights

The world economic forum started yesterday at Davos. Many of the most influential people and decision makers are gathering there among other things to think about how to battle the climate change.

The event participants have been criticized of their usage of private planes to get there. Most of the 2500 participants are flying there on their private planes. Almost half of the flights are less than 750 kilometers, 20% less than 250 kilometers and the shortest one just 21 kilometers!

Private flights are one of the most polluting activity and even though the amount of flights in the big picture isn't that significant it still sets an image of neglect. If consumers are encouraged to help in the battle with their own small actions these wealthy and powerful people could at least consider setting an example via their own actions.

All we can hope for is that instead of such small actions they would come up with some big decisions to offset their waste by orders of magnitude bigger actions.