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Breezing through campaigns

We had yet another family boardgame night today. The third one so far after the initial skirmish during the Christmas holidays. At least temporarily it has become a weekly event. This all thanks to our new favourite game Marvel Champions.

So far we have completed the initial missions in the starter box and almost all scenarios in our first expansion box. Next time we should be through that one and can already start preparing for the next campaign which I already acquired in advance so there wouldn't be delays in between campaigns.

I don't know how long will this last. Maybe at some point we all get tired of playing the same game over and over. Sure there is still plenty of content left. The publisher has been pushing out new expansions on a steady pace and at least for now, in our short experience there seems to be enough variety to keep things fresh.

What I really hope is that this would be a start for a new habit. Would be nice if we would get used to gathering together regularly to play, no matter what the game is.